The way to store your cache.
Javascript minifier in native php.
IMAP library that makes reading email easy.
The Stash Symfony Bundle.
A resettable mail server for use in continuous integration of email libraries.

Libraries That Prevent Boredom

The projects released under the Tedious Development banner are an eclectic group with a variety of purposes, but all
share the same goal of releasing highly usable, stable and well tested projects that ease the lives of other developers.

Tedious Developments’ Projects-

  • are released under a permissive Open Source license.
  • maintain a minimum of 90% code coverage with a goal of 95%.
  • integrate with Travis CI and Coveralls to track testing.
  • maintain Code Styling Enforcement as part of their test suite.
  • have Extensive Documentation for developers.
  • follow all PSRs that are relevant to the project.
  • can be installed through Composer.
  • utilize semantic versioning for releases.
  • have complete Doc Block for all API functions and code.
  • utilize SPL Exceptions for error handling.

Where next?

Please check out the highlighted projects to the left, or dive into the Github Organization itself for an in depth